Military Installationsfittrail

Military bases throughout the world install Fit-Trail systems to encourage individual and
group fitness programs. International bases featuring Fit-Trail systems are located on
almost every continent.

Among the thousands of Fit-Trail users worldwide over the past 30+ years can be found
the following:

  • US Coast Guard - Alameda CA
  • US Marine Corps - The Netherlands
  • Naval Submarine Base - San Diego CA
  • Hanscomb AFB - New Boston AFS NH
  • USAF Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  • Naval Research Lab - Washington DC
  • US Army Yuma Proving Grounds - Yuma AZ
  • Fort Eustess - Fort Eustess VA
  • NAF Atsugi - Atsugi Japan
  • US Army - Germany
  • Hokota AFB - Yokota Japan
  • US Navy Camp Lemonier - Djibouti Africa
  • US Navy – NSA Juffair - Juffair Bahrain