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In today's competitive marketplace, wellness providers are installing Fit-Trail systems as a tangible show of commitment to health and wellness programs. People trust, patronize and support facilities that actively promote opposed to simply talking about it.

Among the thousands of Fit-Trail users worldwide over the past 30+ years can be found
the following:

  • JFK Medical Center - Edison, NJ
  • Meadowlands Hospital - Secaucus, NJ
  • Riverland Medical Center - Ferriday, LA
  • Hill Country Memorial Hospital - Fredericksburg, TX
  • Northern Navajo Medical Center - Shiprock, NM
  • St. Augustine General Hospital - St. Augustine, FL
  • Suffolk Child Development Center - Smithtown, NY
  • St. Luke's Hospital - Columbus, NC
  • William Beaumont Army Medical Center - El Paso, TX
  • Hanover District Hospital - Hanover Ontario, Canada
  • Dorn VA Center - Columbia, SC
  • Nashoba Community Hospital - Ayer, MA
  • Vista Hill Hospital - Chulay, CA
  • Gateway Behavioral Health Services - Brunswick, GA
  • Salem Hospital - Hillsboro, KS
  • Mercy Regional Health Center - Manhattan, KS
  • D'Binooshnowin Crisis Centre - Wiarton Ontario, Canada