FeaturesFit Trail

Land Utilization

Fit-Trail systems can be put virtually anywhere - along a trail or in a clustered area half the size of a tennis court. They are adaptable to trails of varying lengths from under 1/4 mile up to several miles long. Expensive land costs are avoided and your system can be located as an attention getter or it can be tucked away to blend with the environment.

Site Planning 

Knowledgeable Fit-Trail sales representatives are available to facilitate your fitness trail planning process, offering layout and land use suggestions. Click on the links to see typical trail layouts for 10 Station and 20 Station systems or in a fitness center (for those with limited trail space).

Maximum Utilization 

Fit-Trails systems are self-guided and self-paced. The exercise stations easily accommodate one person or groups of people. There is no need for supervision, reservations, or scheduling starting times.


Fit-Trail systems are easily installed without heavy equipment or expert technical skills. The Layout and Installation Manual provides simple, easy to follow instructions. Advice is only a toll free phone call away if additional assistance is needed. Additional information about the linstallation of a Fit-Trail system can be found on our Shipping and Installation page.

Maintenance Free 

Once a Fit-Trail system is installed it is ready to use. The wood is weather-treated pine, the hardware is galvanized steel and the sign panels are guaranteed unbreakable. All components are carefully selected to provide maintenance free service.

Low Cost/High Value 

For a fraction of the cost of a tennis court or swimming pool, a Fit-Trail system can be easily installed and ready to use. Fit-Trail systems offer a high return on each dollar invested.