Although many of these questions are answered in greater detail on other pages of our website, the basic answers may help cover many of your questions.

  1. How long a trail do I need?

There is no minimum or maximum trail length.  Successful installations have been achieved on trails ranging from 1/8-mile to over 2 miles.  The flexibility Fit-Trail systems offer is one of its many advantages.

  1. What if I don’t have enough land for a trail?

Buyers with limited space have two options.  One is to cluster several exercise stations together at multiple points along a trail, thereby shortening the length of the required trail.  A second option is to group all the exercise apparatus into a small area using our Fitness Center option, which places an entire Fit-Trail system into an area smaller than a tennis court, eliminating the need for a trail.

  1. What kind of surface should my trail be?

This is totally your option, and can be anything that allows comfortable and steady footing for walking, jogging or running.  This might or might not be a paved surface, a turf surface, or a locally indigenous surface such as crushed stone, pea gravel, packed sand, etc.

  1. What is included in a Fit-Trail system?

Regardless if you use our 20 station system, our 10 station system, or if you use it in a “trail” configuration or a clustered “center” configuration, you’ll get the same type of components.  These consist of:  introductory signs, and station signs, in pre-assembled wood timber frames; wood timber exercise apparatus, cut to size and pre-drilled for easy re-assembly; all hardware, assembly instructions, layout and installation guide, and directional arrows to guide users to the next exercise station.

  1. Can Fit-Trail systems be used by seniors?  By children?

Yes.  Our systems are designed for users of all ages and fitness levels.  Of course, if individual users are unable to perform any of the exercises, they can simply pass them and go on to the next exercise station.

  1. Is there a recommended sequence for the exercises?

Yes, although it is not mandatory.  However, both our 10 station and our 20 station systems were designed with the recognized benefit of starting with warm-up and stretching exercises, followed by progressively more challenging or strenuous exercises, and concluding with less challenging exercises.  At the end of each system are cool-down and relaxation opportunities and at multiple points within the system there are heartbeat monitoring instructions and fitness facts.

  1. How involved is installation, and do you provide it?

Installation is a relatively simple task, although it does require digging, assembling wood timbers, and pouring concrete . . . so strong backs and willing hands are essential!  Although SouthWood is able to provide an installation quote if one is needed, this is not typically cost-effective for buyers, especially if they are not within a few hundred miles of our Charlotte, NC location.

  1. Where can I find a Fit-Trail installed near me?

With thousands of Fit-Trail systems in use all over the world, many on private property or having been sold to other than the end user, we are unable to provide specific locations available for public use. Please inquire of your local park department, and request a Fit-Trail system be installed near you.

  1. Do you offer a warranty?

Absolutely!  All wood components are guaranteed for 10 years, and all signs are guaranteed for 5 years, including breakage.  See our full warranty spelled out elsewhere on this website.

  1. How do I go about placing an order?

Call or email us directly.  SouthWood is the manufacturer and distributor of the Fit-Trail brand exercise systems, and the only venue for purchasing Fit-Trail products.  We sell direct to end users, government agencies, general contractors, etc., so you pay no agency commission or broker fee when buying direct from us.  We accept corporate and government purchase orders, and payment can be made by check, credit card, or wire transfer.

  1. How soon can I get my Fit-Trail?

Typically, shipment occurs with 2-3 weeks of receipt of your order.  At times we are able to offer almost immediate shipment direct from inventory at our factory.  If time frame is a priority for you, be sure to tell us when you call 1-800-727-6884.

  1. What about shipping?

Due to their size and weight, all Fit-Trail systems are shipped by common carrier motor freight.  With weights starting at nearly 2000 pounds and up to 4000, costs for shipping will depend upon your exact location.  Shipping costs are typically from several hundred dollars on up, but if you can provide us a destination zip code for shipping, we will obtain a quote for you.  All motor freight shipments are prepaid and added to your invoice, avoiding the costs and hassles of C.O.D. shipments.

  1. What is the price of a Fit-Trail system?

Our 10 station system is $5,995 and our 20 station system is $8,995.